(Active Start classes Only!!!) 1 lesson a week = $58.00/month ( 45 minute class )

These are Regular Class Rates

If tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month, we will add a $10.00 late fee.

1 lesson a week = $68.00/month
2 lessons a week = $105.00/month
3 lessons a week = $140.00/month
4 lessons a week = $175.00/month
5 lessons a week = $210.00/month
6 lessons a week = $245.00/month
7 lessons a week = $280.00/month
8 lessons a week = $315.00/month
9 lessons a week = $350.00/month
10 lessons a week = $385.00/month

These are family rates, so add the total number of lessons your family takes per week and pay that monthly rate.

$25.00 more per month/per class for anything over 10 lessons a week.


Be aware of the tuition policy and due dates of payments


All tuition is due in advance of that months classes! We do not send out monthly statements!

  1. Tuition payments are required by the first of each month.
  2. We will charge a $10.00 late fee to every tuition that is not paid by the 10th of that month
  3. There is a $15.00 service charge for all returned or bounced checks.
  4. Tuition will remain the same for all months, regardless of holidays.
  5. No credits or refunds for absences as students will be given 30 days to make up missed lessons.
  6. No refunds for students who discontinue lessons
  7. Arrangements can be made for special tuition problems by contacting the bookkeeper.
  8. Tuition will be expected from every registered student until they have officially dropped their class. You need to write a note or call the bookkeeper. It is not the instructor’s job to pass that information along.
  9. IF YOU PAY WITH CASH, PLEASE ENCLOSE IT IN AN ENVELOPE. Write the dancers name, amount enclosed, and the month you are paying for. Correct amounts only – no change will be given.

As stated above — Tuition remains the same! (regardless of Holidays)

ALL CLASSES will be filled on a “First come/First served” basis.